Docker Training

Docker makes it very easy to create, deploy & run applications using containers. Containers are very small in size, very fast & their resourse usage is bare minimum. Companies are very rapidally adopting Docker. In earlier days, people used to work on phyical machine, then came VMs & now it is containers everywere. Docker is an essential component of Automation, CI/CD & DevOps. Docker is the new buzzword in Industry. Everyone is now talking about docker. This course will start from basics of docker & slowly and slowly will takes you to advance level of Docker in crystal clear manner. This course is going to make your docker fundamental crystal clear. Various customized diagrams & examples has been created to make the contents of the course easy to understand. This course covers basics of Docker, Different ways to install docker, working with Apache & Nginx web server images, working with database images, persistent storage, bind mounts and volumes, docker networking, using dockerfile, Deploying multi container applications using Docker Compose, Docker Swarm Cluster.

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Advance Networking & Cloud Computing (Finishing School)

Finishing School programs makes students aware about industry needs & train them with required skills & thus helps in bridging the gap between industry and academia through innovative programs and providing skilled resources in particular areas to IT companies. A college degree with too much focus on theory does not normally make you industry ready. This 8 module based 336 hour (42 working days) rigorous, intensive hands-on practical program has been designed keeping in mind the industry requirements. Why the need for this integrated 8 module approach in networking ? There are 3 major types of networking tracks based on Linux, Windows, Cisco platforms and various certifications such as RHCE, RHCSA, MCSE, CCNA are based on these platforms. There are also security related courses & certifications such as CEH. Then there are lot of courses and certifications available based on Virtualization/Hypervisors and Cloud Computing. Majority of these courses and certifications deals with single technology & that too in isolation. This 8 module integrated approach in dealing with various technologies related to networking is unique & path breaking. It will make your networking fundamentals very strong & you will be very comfortable in dealing with multiple technologies.

SDN Ebook

When we started working on SDN 4 years back, not much information/help was available regarding SDN. Getting started with this emerging concept was very difficult. It was really very painful process. Now we do not want this to happen to the persons who at this point of time want to enter into this field. This book starts from basics & takes you to advance levels of Software Defined Networking. Everything has been explained by giving examples. Proper lab setup along with diagrams has been given so that you can constructs the labs yourself & do the practice. This work covers topics such as SDN lab setup, basics of SDN, Mininet Emulator, Mininet Topologies, POX SDN Controller, Openvswitch, ovs-ofctl, Networking Tools.

Software Defined Networking

According to industry people and research scholars, SDN is going to redefine networking and cloud world. This is the biggest thing that has happened in networking field in last 30 years. SDN is a New Way to Design, Build and Operate Networks. What is SDN: There is a Need to Innovate in the Network. We’ve seen tons of innovation in applications, devices, computing and storage, yet the underlying network that connects everything has remained unchanged. SDN Opens the Network Up for Innovation. It replaces static, inflexible and complex networks, with networks that are agile, scalable and innovative. According to industry people & research scholars, SDN is going to redefine networking & cloud world.

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Career Changing Video Tutorials on Docker, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Linux, Cloud Computing, Security, Virtualization & DevOps

Here we will post video on Linux, Cloud Computing, Security, Virtualization, Docker and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Most of the videos will be available in both English and Hindi. We are putting lot of efforts in creating these videos.The youtube channel link is

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Cloud Computing

This course starts from basics & takes you to advance level of Cloud Computing usage & Implemention. To properly understand & implement cloud, we should have the advance knowledge of networking, virtualization & Linux. We are covering all in this course. The course covers the Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS), Storage As A Service (SAAS), Software As A Service (SAAS) & Network As A Service (NAAS) Cloud. You can not survive in IT industry without the knowledge of Linux, Virtualization & Cloud Computing.

Linux Essentials, Services & Security

No one can afford to ignore Linux. The acceptance of linux as a robust and depenable system is growing day by day. Big Corporates, small businesses, Govt. Depts, Colleges/Univs. are moving to Linux as their choice platform. Linux is future. It is the most flexible and Open Ended OS.

Linux Ebook

This book starts from basics & takes you to advance levels of linux. Everything has been explained by giving examples. Proper lab setup along with diagrams has been given so that you can constructs the labs yourself & do the practice..It covers permissions, raid, lvm, quota, sudo, remote installation, kickstart, apache web server, ftp server, nfs, nis, squid proxy server, dns, postfix mail server, dhcp, rsyslog, cups, xinetd, tcp-wrappers, selinux, firewall, ipv6, pam, ssh, security tools, automounter etc in detail. The author has got more than 22 years of experience in IT field . The focus in the book is to make the learning experience very simple & interesting.

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