Software Defined Networking (SDN)

What is SDN: There is a need to Innovate in the network. We’ve seen tons of innovation in applications, devices, computing and storage, yet the underlying network thar connects everything has remained unchanged. SDN is a new way to Design, Build and Operate Networks. It opens the network up for innovation. It replaces static, inflexible and complex networks, with networks that are agile, scalable and innovative. According to industry people & research scholars, SDN is going to redefine & cloud world. This is the biggest thing that has happened in networking field in last 30 years.

Place: Chandigarh

Training Methodology: Practical Oriented

Course duration: 20 Days (4 Hours/day)

Course fee (Training): INR 30000/-

Fee (Thesis Help): INR 20000/- Extra


  • Basics of Python and Linux
  • Introduction to Software Defined Networking
  • SDN Architecture
  • OpenFlow Components
  • SDN Switches & Controllers
  • SDN Emulation Using Mininet
  • Using POX/RYU Controller
  • Packet Sniffing Tools
  • Developing SDN Applications on Mininet
    • HUB
    • SWITCH
  • Deploying SDN Applications on Real Environment